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A Domestic Violence Education Program

Domestic Violence impacts the Golden Isles on a daily basis, often changing lives forever. Many experiencing domestic violence do not realize that the situation they are in is unhealthy or even dangerous. To them, their way of life is “normal.”

Glynn Community Crisis Center’s (GCCC) new program, “Survive and Thrive”, aims to educate, enlighten and empower its female only participants. Through this program, it is GCCC’s hope that women will become familiar with the different components and aspects of domestic violence and be empowered to take control of their lives.

The free six-week program focuses on identifying healthy relationships and myths of domestic violence. Topics include: the relationship between an abuser and victim with discussion on abusive behaviors; all things concerning victims, such as myths, traits, and steps that lead up to victimization; the effects and symptoms of abuse and how to cope with domestic violence.

This program can be presented as a one-on-one engagement or as a group for several women. Referrals for this program are made through the Glynn County District Attorney’s office or from the Glynn County Solicitor’s office.


For more information, call 912.264.4357.

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